Sunday, April 28, 2013


I've also made these since last year. Siobhan promptly claimed the one she's modeling. The two bottom ones might look the same but they aren't. I really was into the shawl making for awhile.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


One of the things I've finally done is learn to knit socks! These have all been knit in the last couple of months. The first and last pairs are Walk Away yarn from Hobby Lobby, the 2nd pair is Patons Kroy stripes and the third is JoAnns sock yarn. I'm currently working on my 5th pair with yarn I got fron Knit Picks.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Big Changes

I've been thinking about blogging again for awhile. I considered starting a new blog, but then figured what the hell, I already have one!

  John and I are finally getting ready to move after being here at his moms for the last seven years. After a lot of discussion, paperwork and going through a lot of other shit Irene has finally gone into assisted living and we are finally almost on our own. This really was the best thing for everyone. She wasn't happy here anymore, even though it's her house. I think with the depression over the separation with her oldest daughter and grand kids, the other 2 daughters living so far away and her ill health she was just kind of giving up. John and I couldn't really care for her anymore, she wouldn't listen to him even when it came to her health and we didn't feel we could be responsible. Assisted living seemed like the best thing, and she is doing more now. She seems to have made a few friends and is actually interested in some of the things that are going on. So as hard as the decision was, it seems to have been the right move.

    So it's a whole new ballgame for John and I, and it's pretty exciting. Sio is pretty much staying with her boyfriend all the time and they are making plans to move in together in the next month or so. And John and I are also looking for a place to live. We want to stay in the general area if we can. He already is driving 25 miles to work and he really doesn't want to drive much further if we can avoid it. I'd like to live on the edge of the western burbs, we can definitely find a place out there that is affordable, but the distance is just too far. At least we don't have to be out of here right away so I have time to look.

  I have lots of needlework to post pics of, I have made some pretty nice things in the last few months including knitting 4 pairs of socks. I'll start playing catch up with those pics in the next day or so.