Friday, February 13, 2015

Mittens and an Amish mini

I don't have a quilting finish today, but I have a pair of mittens knit from yarn I dyed and spun last summer. To be honest, I knit the mittens before Christmas thinking that maybe they could be someone's Christmas gift, and then ended up keeping them. This is some of my very favorite yarn, ever. I love the way the colors spun up, so I finally decided that instead of keeping the mittens as an emergency gift I was going to keep them for myself. I don't knit stuff for myself very often, and I needed some mittens anyway. The roving was dyed in the crock pot, and looked like this.

The resultant yarn is a two ply that I spun on a drop spindle.It's a bit of a thick/thin yarn and ended up as a light worsted once it was plied.

And these are the finished mittens. I like the subtlety of the stripes once it was knit. They are very warm!

Yesterday I was leafing through abook of antique Amish quilts and saw this picture;

I'm trying to do little projects to become a better hand quilter, and what better practice piece than an Amish quilt? But I really didn't want a whole quilt in these colorways, so I made a mini that I sewed together yesterday and then started quilting last night. I'm going to quilt the borders in a vine with leaves, and bind it with black like the original. The whole thing measured 15.5" x 17.5" before I started quilting it. The back is the same light maroon as the borders.

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