Sunday, February 18, 2007

Quilt Picture

Ok, here it is, the finished quilt! It has some issues, I am not the best machine quilter, but it will have to do. I actually have 3 more tops to practice on, so I think I am going to start a new one soon. There's a 4 patch with black and tan checked homespun alternate blocks and border, I made it several years ago, at least 5, and I think I am going to do it next. The original was quilted in an allover fan pattern, and with all those curves I should get pretty good at free motion. But first, I am making a bag with the elephant applique and revamping my Etsy store. I made the random patchwork panels yesterday, so I really am more than half way done, they take the longest. I also am going to make the rainbo dress I picked fabric out for, and start moving some of my bins downstairs. This move is going so slowly, although if Irene comes to stay with us for a bit while her house is in the market I'll have to speed it up.
I was at JoAnn the other night and I bought a cute cotton with teeny red roses on it, I think I might take some time to make Chatty a cute new dress, too.

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