Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Wool for Nfld. scene rug

I started dyeing wool yesterday for a new rug; I haven't done any dyeing since we moved, so it was time.I'm not sure exactly what the scene will be yet, I may design my own or I might buy a pattern from Deanne Fitzpatrick; she has a wonderful pattern of 2 Cape Islanders and a couple of houses and some nice hills. I have my water and sky colors dyed, and I dyed a pretty gold piece for a house. After it was dyed and out of the dyepot, I added some more gold dye and a red piece of wool. I wanted to tone the red down a bit, so I could use it for a barn or outbuilding or even another house. Well it bled; I knew it was going to because it bled when I rinsed it out, so I threw another piece of cream wool in the pot and as bonus I got a pretty orange shade that I can use some other time. I may dye a piece a bit darker blue to add to the water colors, but I might have a piece already so I'm going to look for it. I want to dye some hill/ground colors some autumn tones; maybe some golds, tans and light reds; I can mix them in with the greens and add a touch of fall to my picture. I wish I hadn't dyed all the roving; I could use a bit here and there to fluff out clouds.

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