Friday, May 16, 2008

Tag You're It

John and I went down to the Frugal Muse in Darien this evening to see Thom Hartmann and get a book signed by him. I have mentioned him in this blog before as being the smartest man in radio, and it was so cool to meet him in person. He gave a great talk on how we need to begin healing the Democratic party; the ideological split between right and left; the nation and the world. He talked about how wounded we are as a nation and it's time to try and put that aside and come together. It was an excellent talk. He took a few questions and then signed books. One of the lines he uses a lot to get people to act is "Tag You're It", the first time I think I heard him say it was in the movie "Crude Impact" and I've always loved that so John and I asked him to sign our book that way which he did. There was a lady who was nice enough to take a picture of us together too.
We were talking on the way home about what we can do now since we haven't done a lot lately and I think maybe we are going to work for Obama's campaign. Other than donating money we haven't done much else. Maybe we can go door to door in Wisconsin somewhere, or Indiana.
Last weekend Chris was over and he was talking about how he thought it was important to get the people in the inner cities signed on to the message of change, and that if you did that it could make a tremendous difference. There was a young black kid tonight from the inner city who asked Thom why people didn't seem to even know about the issues in the inner city; he said he would have to go to other places to talk to people. As was pointed out by Thom, they don't really talk much in the suburbs either. I mean we do to family members or whatever, but there really isn't an open discourse. Anyway, I think Obama is starting to bring people together so we can have that communication and start educating each other as to what our realites are, but we at the grass roots level have to to really take that up and run with it.

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which one is dumps? said...

Hi Paula -- Great pic. Carla and I saw Hartmann at Green Fest. He was really good. You were so right about him. Very smart man. Inspiring too. Overall the Green Fest was positive, but the problems we face on all levels is kind of overwhelming/daunting.

We are all investing a lot into Obama's candidacy but we need it bad. It will be a good first step to have him take the oath of office. Then we need to roll up our sleeves - and start getting sensible!