Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Chris Matthews is the Man

I was up late last night watching the results from the Indiana and North Carolina primarys; I tried to go to bed a couple of times; the first time I made it as far as John's computer room and then after I went to bed I got back up again and didn't get back to bed right away. By the time I got to sleep it was midnight. Anyway, while Hillary is saying she'll press on (at least she's saying it right now), she won Indiana because of Rush Limbaughs campaign to screw with the vote in this country. Now I am not a Chris Matthews fan, I agree with Stephanie Miller most of the time when she calls him a right wing tool; however last night he stepped up to the plate and hit it out of the park when he denounced Limbaughs Operation Chaos by telling people it was shameful to have participated in it. He said "anyone who voted to screw up the political system of this country with the purpose of mischief should carry that with them the rest their lives". He went on to say it was "a ridiculous way to use the vote for which people fought and died" and "I hope you're proud of yourself". I couldn't agree with him more. Democracy and the will of the people is not a toy to be played with by people who don't understand or deserve the freedoms this Constitution has guaranteed them over the history of this country. My blood boils when I think about how someone could intentionally try to circumvent the process that so many people through out history have tried to protect. At this moment I HATE the right wing neo-cons in this country more passionatly then I ever have; I am beginning to agree with my husband when he says they should all be hung as traitors and war criminals.


Melissa said...

Dear Mom,
Chris Matthews is not the man. He may on occasion say something sane, but don't forget that he's still a hack.

Paula said...

Hey, I knwo that on most occasions he is not the man and I covered my self on that score when I wrote in this same post "Now I am not a Chris Matthews fan, I agree with Stephanie Miller most of the time when she calls him a right wing tool" howeever on this occasion, on this one subject, and at this time he is and I won't retract that.

Melissa said...

I don't know, I think to be "the man" you have to be cool on a regular basis and not be the kind of turncoat he is. How can anyone who used to work for Tip O'Neill and Jimmy Carter and then go on to be a right wing ass of monumental proportions ever be commendable?!? Seriously, Mom, Chris Matthews is not the man.