Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Go Keith

While Rachel Maddow may have taken over as my favorite political pundit, Keith Olbermann's comment on California's Prop 8 last night was excellent. He's my hero for today.

A discussion that came up last night between Sio, Irene and I was if a religious group like the LDS can spend the money to influence the votes of people (which is what happened in this case), then they should have thier tax exempt status taken away. I think it's pretty cut and dried; this is a case where it really should be examined. If a religious organization is willing to step over the boundaries into politics, well they have every right to do that, but the consequences should be swift from the federal govenment, and those consequences should be revoking the tax exempt status they have had so far.


Melissa said...

I couldn't agree more. What gets me is that in 2004 the IRS spent a lot of effort investigating an Episcopal congregation after a visiting priest gave a sermon noting that Jesus didn't approve of war, arguing that the sermon was trying to influence the 2004 election. If they can do that, then they HAVE to conduct an investigation of LDS given their blatant influence on Prop 8.

Anonymous said...

yeah it wasn't a decision, i read about it somewhere