Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas!

I haven't blogged in such a long time! There wasn't a whole lot of news before Christmas, and then we were busy with Christmas but now it's time to write a bit down.

We got a fabulous tree this Christmas; Sio picked it out and she did such a nice job. It is very fat and full. If it wasn't up against the wall I don't think I'd have enough ornaments to decorate it! I'll post a pic later on, I took a couple but they aren't that good.

John and I got each other our new bed for Christmas and it makes all the difference in the world. It's only 6 inches wider than the old one but it feels like so much more! He also bought a dual control electric blanket so we can each be as warm (or not) as we please. I have to make a new quilt now because the old ones are not quite wide enough.

Melissa has been here for the last week, she is leaving tomorrow morning. It's always nice having her here. We have gone bowling 3 times since she came; John went yesterday too. She is thinking about getting on a league when she gets home. John and I are talking about bowling more too, it's a lot of fun. We are having pizza later this evening and then tomorrow she goes back home again.

We had Christmas Eve at Rich and Chris' which was nice like it is every year although I have to say mom was being a bit more complaining than usual and Carla didn't really get to enjoy herself at all. I said next year we should all go to moms to open gifts for an hour or two and then leave mom at home and go and do something fun together. Even if it's just going back to Rich and Chris' and playing cards or going to a movie or whatever. The long evening is just getting to be too much for mom now. Everyone would enjoy it more that way. Anyway, I made Chris another fishing collage, and this one was a lot bigger than last years because the fishing was so much better. He really liked it a lot. Actually I said John, Chris and I should go south next Christmas and fish. That would be cool! Christmas Day dinner was over here and that was better. It's shorter and less tiring for everyone.

And the last thing is, I got my Bleuette! Her name is Josette Clarice, and the pictures are of her modeling her 1905 American Smock, 1909 Sunday Apron and 1916 Spring Coat. I also made her a hat and muff and crocheted gaiters. The little white embroidered collar is detachable from the dress; I believe the pattern is from 1906 or 1907 although I don't remember for sure. She is also wearing an embroidered combination. The Empire dress and red smock I made her before were too small. I thought they might be. I am working on another embroidered apron and a red and white checked dress.

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