Saturday, January 03, 2009

Stargate Marathon

I have been watching all the Stargates I can get my hands on, and now I've started watching the Stargate Atlantis episode as well. I cannot believe I have gotten so thoroughly hooked on these 2 shows, but there it is. John is checking to see if we can get AT&T's U-verse package in this area, if we can we're going to switch from Comcast to U-Verse, and we'll have the Sci-Fi channel with the package and I can watch episodes on there. Plus there is supposed to be a new Stargate show starting this year called Stargate Universe. The series finale of Stargate Atlantis is on Friday and I'm going to see if we can go to Richard and Chris' and watch it.

I've been sewing while I watch tv, though, and Josette got a nice New Years Day dress. It was made from ivory dupioni and a contrast cotton for the sash, cording and buttons. I made the dress by hand, and I think it came out very well. It was a Londonberries pattern I had bought before I got my doll.


MsStargate said...

It starts with the marathons, then it is the searching for websites for fans, then it is the conventions! Trust me there is no end to the obsession. I became hooked over 10 years ago. Every year the obesession grows. I couldn't tell you what a CSI writer/director/producer looked like to save my life but I can name and identify every one for both of the Stargate shows as well as just about every actor that ever had a walk on appearance. Welcome to the world of Stargate :)

siobhan said...

you've forgotten having love affiars with both daniel and john and becoming close, personal friends with sam, rodney and carson