Sunday, February 15, 2009


I have been doing some research on my dad's family, and am just having a great time with it. I didn't know much about it, and while the line of dad's grandmother on the Hayden side was pretty easy to trace, the actual Haydens are giving me a bit more trouble. I'm still not totally sure about the research on that side; the only clues I had to go on was that dad's grandfather stated in the US census of 1880 that he was born in Mississippi, and that his dad was born in Alabama and his mom in Tennessee. As it turns out, I think the info was the other way around, or else the censor taker entered it wrong. It took me a long time to actually figure it out; I have been working on this off and on for the last 3 or 4 years. It would have been easy to mix up because one of the counties mentioned is in Alabama and is very near the border of the two states.Anyway, I only had some rough dates, the places mentioned and an alternate spelling of the last name. When the census was taken Jesse Mack, (that was my dads grandpa's name) spelled his last name Haden. There was no Y in the name.I took that info over to the LDS genealogy site (the Mormons may be crazy, but when it comes to ancestors you gotta love 'em) and spent hours pouring through Hayden, Haden, Haddon, even Heiden and it finally paid off. I could only find one Haden in Tennessee with the right dates. Luckily it was another census record, and he gave his parents as being born in North Carolina. I had to do another search, although this was a shorter one because someone else had already done some of the work for me. It became apparent pretty quickly that there had been at least 2 Hayden/Haden families that settled America really early; one came through Massachusetts, and one through Virginia. I suspected we were through Virginia, and I was right. I'm stuck now though; I'm back to Norfolk, England in 1645 and someone else is saying that one of the Massachusetts Haydens is the father of my Haden; and while that would fit the info I have already as far as the dates go, the next generation does not fit at all; there's no mention that my many times great-grandfather was a son of that Hayden. My research makes me think we are descendants of the Norfolk England Haydens and we didn't come to America til the late 1600's or early 1700's. The Mass. Haydens were here in the early 1600's, at least the earliest date I've seen for them is 1630. I have to mention how much easier all this is to keep track of now that I have a family tree program. I'm making a hard copy too, though, because if something ever happens and I loose all my info I would be really upset.
I also got my stash package from the stash swap. I haven't taken any pics because my camera was dead again. I'm going to do that later today and post the pics to my group. One of the fat 1/4's is vintage and will make a perfect Easter dress for Josette; the other has little Scottie dogs and is soooo cute. I'm going to make her a little summer outfit out of that; maybe a beach romper. There's some really pretty eyelet that I am going to use on the Easter dress, and some tiny white buttons.
Chris auditioned for a band that he really wanted to be in, and they called him to be in it! He's pretty excited because they play Allmann Bros like music, and that's what he loves.

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