Thursday, September 10, 2009

House and Boat Rug

Ok, this is another Deanne Fitzpatrick design. It's small, about 12x 14 inches, so will make a nice pillow. I am going to look through my wools and plan colors today, and then see if I'll have to dye anything.
I also got 2 big bags of unwashed, straight from the sheep, fleece which I am going to start washing today. I picked through some of it yesterday and got the sticks and grass out. I looked up the Fine Line in St. Charles yesterday to see if they have any spinning classes, but they don't. They do sell Louet wheels, but I still haven't found a better deal than the Ashford Kiwi I was looking at yet. I think I'll probably end up with that wheel. I can buy add ons to spin fine or chunky yarn so it will last me a long time. I need to find some place that I can get to easily where there are classes though, because I really want to take one.

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