Friday, May 22, 2015

I Also Hook Rugs

So I finally hemmed down the edges on a small mat I made last summer. It's been hanging out in my bedroom closet since then, just waiting to be finished. I originally made it to go over the doorway in the living room to the hall and here it is finally hemmed and hung:

In retrospect, I wish I had used a solid black for the roof on the house, I think it gets lost a little in the hill behind it. I really think I caught the feel of movement in the water though. All in all a nice little mat and it fits perfectly above the doorway.
I also finished hooking this hit or miss mat. It still needs the edges bound, but the hooking is finished. This is another one I started sometime ago and just finally got around to finishing. I want to buy some rubber rug backing and put this in front of my kitchen sink. It will finish up at about 18x24 inches, so a nice sized kitchen mat.

I've also been embroidering over the last few weeks since the last time I posted for finish it up Friday. I have 2 pieces of Palestinian cross stitch done. One is already sewn into an unfinished bag, I need to get something for handles next time I'm in JoAnn. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the other piece yet. Maybe a pocket on a skirt or top, or maybe I'll just slip it into a small frame and hang it.


A friend of mine was having a garage sale and she gave me some yarn. Most of it I passed on to my daughter, but I kept some 100%  wool yarn, and some brown acrylic. The acrylic became these fingerless mitts:

There's enough of this acrylic left to make a pair of mittens, too.
Last of all we had a gorgeous day yesterday, sunny and warm, with very low humidity. I took advantage of it to dye these two rovings. Each are 4 oz., and are a Corrie crossbred I  got on Paradise fibers. Due to not watching what I was doing, the red one is actually a dyeing experience that went horribly wrong but still resulted in a very pretty roving. 

Hopefully in the next week I can get a small sampler I'm working on finished, as well as a cabled hat I started yesterday and finish spinning some green yarn I'm almost finished with. I'm hooking up with Crazy Mom Quilts and Creative Goodness Linky Party. Happy Friday!


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