Tuesday, November 28, 2006

New links, NYC, and beautiful cotton

I was at work last night, putting stuff away, and when I went to get what was laying on the cutting table, I saw it was the prettiest, silkiest 100% white cotton solid that I've ever seen in the store. It was very lightweight, like a batiste; it was part of one of the designer series of fabrics. There was only 4 and 3/4 yds left on the bolt. I had a 1/4 yd cut, and I put the rest of it away and I will buy it tomorrow.It's only $4.99 a yd! I would have gotten it last night, but I didn't have enough money. It's so much better than the voile, it's more stable but still sheer enough that the shadow embroidery will work. I was so excited when I saw it, I don't know how I missed it before. Holly said she thinks there is some in blue and pink, too. I didn't look, but I will tomorrow. I don't need 4 1/2 yds, but I'll just put what I don't use in my stash. It isn't heavy enough for the coat and bonnet, I'll still have to order the broadcloth for that.
Siobhan is going to NYC on the 5th and staying with Melissa til she and Gregory come out on the 20th. I'll miss her while I'm getting ready for Christmas, but she will have a really good time so I'm glad she's going. Melissa said there are a lot of studios where she can rent space by the hour so she can make some pottery while she's out there. And I'm going to make John do some stuff with me. We won't have kids around forever, and we don't do much together, so we can while she's gone.
I added a couple of new links, both having to do with sewing.

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