Monday, November 27, 2006

Shadow work embroidered motif

Well, here is the motif I decided on. I've never done shadow work before, and I think this turned out pretty good for a first attempt. The right side of the bow is definitley better than the left; I can see how much nicer it looks after I got the hang of it. I haven't done bullion roses in years, and this one looks ok, all things considered. I will just make this the center back motif; I need to make 10 altogether, one in each scallop. I decided on a very pale palette of colors, the darkest is the pink I used for the bow, and except for the outline on the front you never see that darker pink. It's kind of hard to tell in the picture that the yellow is little daisies, and there are not quite white French knots to make the wreath shape at the top. I'll have to adapt the pattern for the bodice, I might just do the bow with one bullion rose underneath it, or I might do a vine across the bodice with bullion roses and daisies spaced along it; that's what I'm doing for the bonnet. I realized that I will have to make a slip, too. I could use white muslin, I have enough of it, but I think I will just wait and order some white cotton batiste from here: I have ordered from them before and the prices are really good. I'm ordering the cotton broadclth for the coat and bonnet from them, too. I've been watching E-bay for some vintage trim, I figure if I get about 20 yds. of a gathered 1/2" lace it should be enough. The pattern calls for 6 3/4 yds for the dress, 3 1/8 yds for the coat and bonnet, and 4 for the slip, but that's for flat lace that they have you gather yourself. I figure if it's already gathered I'll probably need only half to 2/3rds that amount. But I'll get 20 anyway and then I'll have plenty to do the blanket if I decide to make it.
We have had unseasonably warm weather, it's been in the 50's. I have my sewing room window open and the birds are singing outside. It seems more like spring than Christmas. It's supposed to get really cold on Thursday though and snow. I hope it does, I can't get in the Christmas spirit while it's so warm out.

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