Wednesday, February 06, 2008

We Are The People We've Been Waiting For

Well, Super Tuesday has come and gone and we still have quite a race for the Democratic candidate. I voted for Obama; so did John, Carla and Jimmy. Melissa had me convinced that Hillary's health care program in the long run is better than Obama's, but I voted for Obama first because of his stance on the war. He has criticized Bush's war strategy for a long time. The second reason is because I think at this point in history we need some one who can really inspire people to change because the changes we need to make are so huge and will affect us in ways we can only begin to imagine. I heard Obama use the words "it won't be easy" and "sacrifice", and I'm not sure that people really understand the magnitude of the sacrifices we will have to make, but to have a leader who isn't going to bullshit us and tell us the only things we have to do is hop in our cars and go shopping is a real start. I think when a lot of suburbia figures out what it really means to have to sacrifice they'll sour on the whole idea pretty quickly, but if we can begin to build the new infrastructure we need for a world without fossil fuels; if we can begin to create jobs that can sustain a new way of doing things; if we can really begin to look at the problems facing us in the 21st century then whoever is leading us has begun steering us in the right way. As energy sources dwindle then the people who are living their selfish little lives in suburbia will be forced to jump on the already moving band wagon of a new way of doing things. I think Obama can really inspire people to move in the right direction. I think he is already a force for change that Hillary isn't. And he showed how he can bring us together for change when he said "We are the people we've been waiting for" That line was magnificent, and was the high light of his speech last night. I know I wrote a bit not too long ago about their being no prophets among the young anymore. But instead, maybe there is a real leader.

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