Saturday, February 02, 2008

Silversun Pickups

About a year ago I'd say, Chris told me about a song called Lazy Eye, by Silversun Pickups. I heard it, and liked it, but lately it's really grown on me, so I listened to as much Silversun Pickups as I could. They are my latest favorite band; they reminded me of Smashing Pumpkins but toned down a bit. After having read a lot about them on the internet, it seems I'm not the only one who thinks so; I think it was Rolling Stone who said they were what Smashing Pumpkins would be if they had traveled out west. The drummer, Christopher Guanlao, kind of reminds me of the drummer from Swervedriver. I can't put my finger on why, exactly, except the styles of drumming sound kind of the same to me. Brian Aubert who both sings and plays guitar, has a kind of croony voice like Billy Corgans, except less nasally and much less...well I hate to call Billy whiney, but there it is. He can get whiney sometimes, and Brian Aubert does not. The distorted guitar is also reminiscent of Billy, but in a quieter way. Quieter doesn't mean less confidant or with less feeling; Aubert along with the rest of SSPU's put as much feeling into their music as Pumpkins ever did. My favorite song is called Checkered Floor; unfortunatly I can't find any video of them doing it. Instead, here they are doing an acoustic version of Lazy Eye. Enjoy!

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