Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Them Crooked Vultures

Ok, I had heard that this band was going to happen awhile ago, but I didn't get too excited about it. Too often, when members of different "supergroups" come together to make a new "supergroup" the results are disappointing. Not with these guys! All I can say is "Holy shit!" With John Paul Jones on bass, Dave Grohl from Foofighters on drums, and Josh Homme from Queens of the Stoneage on guitar and vocals this band has tons of potential and they really have some great music. Anybody who knows me knows what a huge Zep fan I am; and I love Foofighters too. My brother once said that if Kurt had stayed alive and Nirvana had stayed together the world may never have known who the really talented member of that band was, and I agree with that whole heartedly. I'm not familiar with Queens of the Stoneage, but I'm impressed with The Crooked Vultures, so Mr. Homme gets points from me there. The album won't be out til Nov. 16th, but there is a pre-release song on the website called New Fang. Even better than that they did a couple of surprise shows in Europe, and I have watched video over on youtube for the last hour, which has only whetted my appetite. In spite of the not great video, it's worth watching. The band has some Zeppelinesque moments, especially in the song Elephants, and at times Dave's resounding rhythm has a bit of White Stripes feel to it. All in all though I'd say they are just some really talented guys who got together to do what they do best, and they do it excellently. This is one of my favorites, called Scumbag Blues.

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