Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Josettes Packing Adventure

Melissa asked Josette to go to New York with me and she is really excited. Even though we aren't leaving for a week she's already looking through her clothes for what she wants to take with her. This is a little letter she is writing to Melissa:

Ma Cherie big Sister

Maman says that with a wardrobe as big as this I must have something to wear. I don't know about that; after Paris I think New York is the second most fashionable city on earth and I want to look my very best.

I don't think I'll need my fur hat or corduroy cape, but maybe I'll bring my white bonnet. I look really cute in it!

I'll just pull myself up and over here.....

I'll bring the pink dress for any tea parties and my green dress for the zoo. Maman say we are going to stuffy museums but I know if I cry and stamp my feet she will give in and take me to the zoo, and Central Park and to as many toy stores as I want.

Whats in here? Oh Maman HELP!

It pretty apparent to me that Maman is going to have to spend the next ten days sewing for me, I really don't have much to wear at all. Although my Japanese kimono robe I got from Santa is quite nice, and the two dresses, nothing else is fit to wear! I promise to post pictures of my new suit for the train as soon as Maman makes it. I am so excited to come and see you! I don't know if I can sleep for the next week!
Love your little sister Josette


Melissa Gasparotto said...

It's just like The Lonely Doll! Which is a little creepy. But also cute. I love that you have her falling into things.

Paula said...

You know she's such a clothes horse. the Lonely Doll wasn't that way. Plus she got a spanking and I would never spank Josette. She really doesn need more clothes, she can never have enough!

Siobhan said...

i'm so sorry melissa. so sorry.