Thursday, June 14, 2007

First Raspberries

Sio and I went out day before yesterday and found a handful of raspberries and they were very good. We picked all we could find, but we didn't have much time so we couldn't check all the spots. I went this morning and there were half a cup or so of ripe ones, which are now in a freezer bag on the counter. I'm going to have John drop them at his mom's rather than freeze them here. The only ripe ones were the bushes that got full sun. There is a huge patch that is in partial shade and none of them were ripe yet, but the berries are really big. We need to walk along the prarie path and along the tracks, especially along the tracks; there are always tons there. I don't work tomorrow so maybe after my chiropractor appt. I can get John to stop so I can take a look. I want to make jam plus have enough berries to freeze for cobblers and stuff.

The move is going pretty well, but I will be sad to leave here. We got most of the furniture out last weekend. We'll get the rest out this weekend and clean the carpets and then maybe next week we can get all the rest of the stuff out of the basement early on. Irene's house is much more isolated than ours, it will be hard for me to get places, I'll have to wait til John comes home with the car. But there is good stuff, too; my sewing area will be huge and I already have my garden over there. There are strawberries, they are small and green but I'll have some. Plus the cucumbers, zuchinni, and tomatoes all have blossoms, and the lettuce is getting big. If this goes well then I'll have a bigger one next year.

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