Sunday, June 03, 2007


I haven't crocheted with thread in years, but I decided to as I was looking for something to take with me in the car. My grandmothers flower garden got packed accidentally and so I can't work on it til we get over to Irene's. At least I hope that's where it is, if it was thrown out I will be very upset. I had to apologize to Chris the other day, I accused him and John of throwing out my 2 bags of vintage pillows when I just didn't see them in Irene's basement. Anyway, the thread crocheting is easier to just pick up and take. The quilt top was starting to get a bit too big. At first I was thinking of doing motifs and joining them for a bedspread, but honestly, that would end up being a multi-generational project. I would never finish it even if I lived to be a 100, so instead I found this edging which goes pretty quickly. The original pattern was from 1915, but I'm making this from an updated version I found here: It is 2 and a half inches wide, I'm using a size 7 hook and size 10 thread. It can come in the car, or to work or fishing. This little bit took about half an hour, but now that I have it down I think it will go much faster. I have a tote for Melissa that I was thinking of adding it to at the top, but she might not like it, so I might put it on the bottom of a t-shirt. It would look nice on towels, too.

I also found this embroidered piece that I have almost finished. I copied it from a vintage linen I saw somewhere. Unfortunately I didn't leave the floss with it, so I will have to go through my floss and look for matching colors. I was going to make a pillow with it, I'll wait and finish it later after we've moved. I might make a tote instead.

I almost have my custom order finished, I'll post pics of that later in the week.

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