Friday, October 12, 2007

Sewing Expo and Coldplay

I spent the last two days at the Sewing and Quilt expo at Pheasant Run in St Charles. Hancock has a booth and I've been working it with Joan. It's been fun but very tiring. I haven't had a lot of time to walk around but I'm taking an hour tomorrow. It's not a bad thing because I haven't spent any money either. I ran the register for awhile yesterday and then played with the yo yo maker which is very neat and I will be buying one. I can see making a yo yo quilt over the winter while it's so cold. I also really want to take the time to look at the different patterns out there, too. There are a lot of different patterns at the show that I never see because they are just small companies. I saw a few but tomorrow I really want to look around. Holly is coming too, she is giving me a ride. It's really cool and I'm glad I was asked to work it, although John and I have not had much time together the last couple of days. He worked til 6 last night and still got home before me.
I've been listening to a lot of Coldplay lately. I kind of resisted them for years, but Clocks is such a good song! I have to say that they sound a LOT like U2, especially in that particular song. The first thing I ever remember hearing by them was Yellow and I just did not like it at all. Speed of Sound is good, Beautiful World is good, Talk is good; there are just a lot of good songs. They are a bit mellower than what I've been listening to the last few weeks; I've been on a steady diet of Flyleaf, Soundgarden, Foofighters,etc. and this is a nice change, much more conducive to meditation. I have been really thinking about the whole life in tension and how it's such a balancing act between what's ethically and morally right and what I just have to do to keep things going. I really believe that I won't have a job much longer or else I might quit soon. The one thing that keeps me at Hancock is the people that I work with, I really do like them a lot and so I just hang on. I'm thinking they may wait to close our store til after Christmas, but maybe not. We'll see.
Jimmy wrote an excellent post on rock and roll saving the soul on Oct 9th, I just read it today: I have to agree with him, music, not just rock, but music in general has inspired me to reach for some of my higher ideals, as well as being an inspiration to a lot of the stuff I create. I can't imagine a world without music, one of the things that I think would be the worse if we really do enter an era of way less energy will be the loss of electric music, most specifically rock music. I don't believe that humans will stop making music; I think that one of the first things the first cave man did was beat a stick on a hollow log to make the first rhythm, and some other cave man or woman found themselves naturally swaying to that rhythm. But we would loose so much, a whole type of music if we didn't have the power to use the electric instruments we use today.

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