Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Yesterday Revisited

Well, I have to say that yesterdays post was one of the most depressed I've ever written, and while I see things as being pretty dire maybe it isn't that bad. I mean, there are things that can be done, but there is an urgency about it that I'm not sure most people recognize. John and I were talking about it and he said that while there is a point of no return of course we need to do things before we reach that point. I've said again and again it's better if we change because we want to rather than because we have to or we are made to. Rationing is on it's way, and so are things like bans on certain products as well as things being a lot less available and a lot more expensive, especially food. I don't think people really connect the energy problems and global warming with what could very likely be massive food shortages. And to think at this point that the markets will fix the problems is just insane. We are on the verge of a worldwide economic collapse that is going to make the Great Depression look like a picnic. And it will take a long time and a huge rethinking before we can climb out of it, if we ever do. Life will be very different in the future and while I don't think that I will feel the absolute rock bottom in my lifetime, it will begin really changing within 5 years. I would have to say that for the next couple years the only real difference we'll see will be the continued rising fuel prices which we're already seeing, as far as the oil shortage goes; but it can get a lot more dire in the case of global warming. I guess the most important thing is to keep telling people, and letting then know what things they can do about it.

On another subject entirely, I have sewn a bit for Etsy and the craft shows, although I have to confess I really haven't been into it a lot. Anyway, I did make a couple of bags and here are pics of one of them.

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