Wednesday, January 23, 2008

More Reclaimed Yarn

Here is another scarf I made using another sweater. The yarn is a bulky aqua/green/grey acrylic mix which reminds me of the sea. I am really into the reclaimed yarn thing; I can't wait to go to the thrift store and look for some more! I got 5 balls from this last sweater; front, back, 2 arms and a big turtleneck. However, the stitches were pretty loose so there wasn't nearly as much yarn as there was in the pink sweater. I used 3 and 1/2 of the balls; the turtleneck, front, one of the arms and half the other one. The pattern is shells and v-stitch. I also am posting a picture of the cardigan I appliqued and listed in the store.

I took a long sleeve v-neck t-shirt and cut it apart just above the waist, pinned in a 5 inch strip of very dark burgundy stretch velvet and then pinned the bottom of the t-shirt back on. I am going to add a hood made from the stretch velvet, and then sell it as a dress. I might add some trim to the strip in the middle, maybe some black lace or something, and a burgundy flower pin at the v, and maybe a few gold beads to the lace. I have it pinned to Mildred right now while I think about it.

On another front, the economic news is all bad. I read JHK's Clusterfuck Nation almost every week and he's been predicting this for months.

I actually think it's going to get a lot worse, and when Peak Oil is added in there's a good chance that it will never get better. We are on our way down the slippery slope that will increasingly become life with less and less fossil fuels and more and more waste of what we do have left while we continue to pursue a way to keep a lifestyle that is just not sustainable in any form.

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