Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I Feel Like I Failed Somewhere...

Every one knows what a HUGE Zep fan I am. I encouraged Chris to learn to play guitar because I wanted him to learn to play Over The Hills and Far Away, and The Rain Song.
My kids grew up listening to Zep because I listened to Zep. So words can't express the disappointment I felt last night when Siobhan came in while I was watching "The Song Remains the Same". The concert footage is good, even if the fantasy sequences leave something to be desired. Anyway, Robert Plant was on at the moment she came downstairs, and I said that Plant may have been really hot but Jimmy Page played guitar so fucking good. The movie switched to show Jimmy Page and she said "Who's that?" and I said something else about Page and she said again"Who's that?" I realized she was asking who it was on the screen and I was just floored. I said "Thats Jimmy Page!" and she said "Oh I thought it was the other guy. I get them mixed up" and then she said Plant looked like a girl! I never thought that any of my children would not know the difference between Robert Plant and Jimmy Page. Especially a very young extremely good looking Robert Plant. I am just horribly disappointed. I feel like I failed as a parent somewhere.
Anyway, here they are in their prime taken straight from the movie in 1973:

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whatever they both look like girls