Friday, October 10, 2008

Scarf and Doll Sewing

There hasn't been much new lately. I had to stop working on the sock to finish up Carla's birthday present which turned out very nice. She really liked it, but I forgot to get a pic of the finished scarf. At least I can post a pic of the pineapple pattern now and the colors of the yarn. I was really happy with the colors, it turned out really pretty. I dyed a lot of it; 3 skeins which is pretty close to 800 yds. I used just under 2 of the skeins so there is plenty left. I am crocheting an American Girl shawl with what's left of the 2nd skein, I'm not sure what I'll do with the 3rd.

I made a Halloween outfit for my American Girl and listed it on E-bay. It's the first time I've sold anything on E-bay in way over a year. If it doesn't sell there I'll list it in my Etsy store, although doll clothes are not a big seller on Etsy. I also made a little Halloween dress for my p-90 Toni. I've had her for a long time, at least 18 months and this is the first time I've sewn for her. I think I'm going to list her dress and panties too but I need a bit of black velvet ribbon for a belt.

I worked on the other sock over at mom's yesterday, I am to the heel now and will hopefully get the heel turned and be well into the foot before I go to bed tonight. I like to knit while I watch Olbermann and Rachel Maddow in the evening after dinner.


Melissa said...

Your dolls are scary. And not because they're dressed in Halloween clothes. They're just creepy things.

Paula said...

My dolls are cute! And I like to sew for them because they never complain.

Melissa said...

I won't complain if you sew something for me. How about a nice long gored skirt for winter?