Friday, October 17, 2008

Winter is Coming!

Siobhan and I were out shopping today, and I realized how close we are to winter. I know that there are all kinds of things going on in the world, but I have to just pause and enjoy this time. I love mid to late fall, it replaced spring as my favorite time of year a long time ago. I love the colors of the changing trees and the crisp smells of autumn; I love the foods; the pumpkin breads and cookies and pie; the hearty soups and stews, and hot coffee and chocolate to warm me up when I come in from the chilliness of out doors. And I especially love the getting ready for Christmas. I can work on gifts and plan meals and all the other things that I do every year. This is a waiting time, an anticipation that I enter into with great joy. This time of year even has it's own music for me; I move from the solidly Irish to more classical and medieval.The pictures are some from the last time we went out fishing; sometime over the weekend I'm going to see if I can get John to walk down the prarie path with me and I'll take some more.

We had dinner at Chris and Richards last night, Chris cooked chicken and nachos. There were no veggies, no salad, or anything like that, just chicken and nachos. It was good chicken, but generally I think of meals as being more balanced. I brought dessert, a berry crisp with whipped cream. Sio and Richard went down in the bar after dinner and played darts, Chris, John, Gary and Joe (who is another bartender) played cards for awhile and I watched. It was a nice evening and I like to get out and have fun now and then.

I have been working on some doll clothes to list, I figure with the economy being as bad as it is someone who collects dolls might not be willing to spend the money to buy a new one but they might be willing to buy an outfit or two for ones they already have. Actually there are a couple of ladies on E-bay who seem to be doing just that; one in particular makes clothes for antique dolls and she is making a lot of money doing it. I'm working on a batiste dress with insertion and embroidery, with a slip and combinations, the pattern dates from the teens or early 20's. It's almost finished and I'll post pics when I'm done.

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