Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I've been pretty busy lately and I haven't really had the time or anything really worthwhile to blog about. I have been reorganizing the storage in the laundry room so I can add a lot of that stuff to the attic. It will give Sio a bit more room for pottery, and I can store food down there. While I really believe that having an Obama presidency is about the best thing that could happen right now to us as a nation, I still think things are going to get worse before they get better so I want to have enough food squirreled away just in case. I think the damage that has been done will not be totally apparent til after the election, or maybe not til after inauguration day. One thing that people don't seem to realize is that oil prices will very shortly start going up again, and it's pretty much a given that they will rather quickly surpass the highest levels they were at just a while ago. So food prices will continue to rise, too. Anyway, while I'm hoping that the changes we need to manage things will happen rather quickly under a new administration, Congress (even with a Democratic majority) is not always as fast as they could be so it's better to be safe than sorry. And if it ends up that we don't need all that food for emergency situations, my grocery bills will be a bit cheaper for a bit while we eat it all up.

I'm not sure, but the economic crisis might be the reason I've had so many sales lately. I've sold 10 things in the last 12 days, 3 were sets of doll clothes I had on E-bay. One was a Chatty Cathy Christmas dress and the other 2 were for Tiny Tears. Then I sold 2 pairs of fingerless gloves, 2 skirts and a top, a purse and a hand dyed fat quarter. I am finishing up another Chatty Cathy dress today, and I am going to list it and a snow suit for Tiny Tears on E-bay. I listed another set of fingerless gloves and 2 patchwork scarves on Etsy, and I have 2 more pairs of the fingerless gloves I'll list pretty soon. They are both made from felted sweaters. I have a pair I was crocheting that have cables too, but I seem to have misplaced my bag so I can't finish them. Anyway, my theory is that people are tired of cheap Chinese stuff that wastes so many resources and are looking for more handmade stuff, and if they are going to spend money they want a better quality product. And I think with the doll clothes it might be because it's cheaper to buy a doll you already own something new to wear than to buy a new doll, especially a vintage or antique one. Whatever the reason, I've been doing fairly well lately so I hope it keeps up. I'm saving the money to go to New York with Melissa after Thanksgiving. It will be a lot of fun, we are going to the Holiday market and we'll do some other stuff too. She'll be here for Thanksgiving and I can't wait, it will be so nice to have her here for a few days.

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