Saturday, March 21, 2009

Catching Up

We had St Patricks Day dinner last Sunday at Moms; we didn't have it in on St Patricks Day because it was on Tuesday and the kids wanted to go to Punky's anyway.
Well Rich called and said he had gotten hung up and was going to be late, so we started eating without him. We had finished except for dessert when he showed up with Melissa! John, Mom and I were so surprised! Siobhan knew she was coming, but I didn't have a clue! She's been here for the past week; she goes home tonight.

I've been pretty busy all week.I spent time with Melissa, although she spent time visting friends in the city while she's been here. Chris was off last Monday and John took the day off so we went to Braidwood where we caught several small catfish. Every one out there was catching them; there were a couple of people fishing for walleye, but I didn't see anyone catch any. I think we are going again tomorrow, or we might try LaSalle.

Melissa, Sio and I went with Carla and saw Jimmy play with his band the The Telepaths last night. I had never seem them before, and I really had a good time. They do some of their own material and a little other stuff. I really liked a song they wrote called Area 51, that was the last one they did and it was pretty good. A lot of the original music was commentary on current issues and I liked that. I've never seen Jimmy play his electric guitar before. The whole band was pretty enthusiastic; it was the last night their drummer was going to play with them. Carla said he was leaving because he was getting married. I'm guessing he'll be asking to come back after a few months if that's his reason. You can't repress your creativity just because you are getting married.

On another musical note, I went to the Rampant Lion in Villa Park yesterday and bought Dervish Decade. It is excellent, and I love Kathy Jordan. For anyone who reads this post regularly, the Rampant Lion is THE place to go for Irish music.

I also worked a very nice piece of shisha embroidery which I am going to turn into a top today. Once it's finished I'll post pictures. Things seem to have picked up a bit on Etsy, Sio had 2 sales in the past couple of days.

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which one is dumps? said...

Paula -- Thanks for coming out to see the T-paths. We had a great time. It was so cool seeing you and Sio and Melissa and Carla playing darts! The Sparks/Hayden Sisterhood!