Saturday, March 14, 2009


I think the pants made from the bedsheet came out really cute! I used a brown and cream stripe cotton from my stash for the bands on the bottom; it looks plain brown in the picture. The total cost of this particular pair of pants was under $3.50. The bedsheet was only $2 to start with, and I still have enough of it left to make a knee length skirt. So lets say I used 2/3 of it, that would be about $1.35. I used about 3/8 of a yard of the contrast fabric for the bands and drawstring, so that was about $2. They didn't take very long to make either, just over an hour. I am going to sell them for $15 I think. I made them a medium and they are a little tight on Siobhan.
I also saw a great idea for a picnic blanket over on Etsy's top tutorials for last year. You take 16 really big squares of fabric; the directions say 16 inches. You sew them together into rows of 4 squares, then you sew the rows together. You sew it together with a backing, you can tie the layers together or put in a batting and quilt them, which is what I'm going to do. Then before you bind it you add little triangular pockets to the corners on the underside, then you bind it. When you take it to the park or beach, you can put stones in the pockets to keep it anchored. I just think it's the greatest idea and I want to make one.

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