Saturday, March 07, 2009

GBS Update

Ok, so I was wrong. Thanks to Chris, Melissa and Siobhan I just got back from Great Big Sea! As usual, the show was fantastic. My hands are hurting from clapping so much; you'd think I know better since this has happened before. They played at the House of Blues this time, and the show was EXCELLENT, but I think the venue wasn't the best. It's smaller than even the Metro and it was wall to wall packed and there really wasn't much dance room. But other than that it was great; they did a kick ass version of Gallows Pole which is on the newest album. I feel a bit like a traitor, but they do it better than Zep does. I know, I know, it's an awful thing to admit to! I hope they do another live dvd to go along with this tour, because I would buy it in an instant if Gallows Pole was on it. They start it out more like the folk song that it was originally written as, although they do jam the end!
The first band was good too, although Sio didn't care for them. They did some really good traditional Irish, some bluegrass and some gypsy music. I liked them, they were a good warm up band.
We had an hour after the show til our train went so we went down in the small bar where there was a funk/bluesy band who had a really good horn section; they were also really good. Musically, it was just a good night!

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