Monday, May 11, 2009

Fishing and Baby Ducks

The baby ducks are hatching on the pond by Chris and Richards house, and they are so cute! There are 2 families that I saw and I got pictures of both of them. I also got a picture of John with a decent size bass, maybe around 12 inches. We have been paying attention to the lunar tables, and yesterday the best fishing time was between noon and two so we were out then Chris came too. John caught 5 fish, 4 bass and one very big bluegill, I caught an ok bass, a bluegill and this tiny little bass that was only about 6 inches long. It was so tiny, there was no way it could have swallowed the minnow I had on the hook. Chris didn't catch anything . We are going again today unless it's too cold.

We had Mothers Day at Chris and Rich's too. Rich barbecued hamburgers, Italian sausage and veggie stuff for Sio and Carla. I got a nice pic of mom, Sio and Carla too. Sio made a tasty strawberry pie, and I made brownie hot fudge sundaes.

I fixed the rug frame and pulled the sheep rug out. I am going to finish it in the next couple of weeks. I'm still working on the string quilt, too. I want to get a couple more blocks done so I can take them with me and do the handwork at the hospital tomorrow while mom is having her tests run. I saw another string quilt that was probably made in the 20's or maybe a bit before that. It was mostly shirtings, with a few solids thrown in and a couple of calico looking prints. The prints look earlier than the 20's. Anyway, it was about 6 inch squares sewn into 12 inch blocks and sashed with a medium blue solid. Overall, it was a light, summery looking quilt and I need a lighter weight one for summer. too. I might make it and just do the quilt top with a flannel back and just tie it


Melissa said...

I love that rug.

Does Dad wear that bee shirt every time you guys go fishing? I feel like the only pictures of him I've seen in like a year are of him wearing it!

Paula said...

It's his very favorite shirt, and he wears it a lot. He bought a new brown shirt that he put on with his brown pants a couple of weeks ago only Chris and I teased him by asking if there were any packages for us in his truck, and Chris asked "What can brown do for you?" He went and changed his shirt and he said he's never wearing the brown one again.

Siobhan said...

I saw his brown pants in the laundry and thought they were a pair of Chris' (his clothes still occasionally turn up) from when he was delivering packages