Tuesday, May 12, 2009


John, Chris and I fished at Blackwell yesterday. There are 2 lakes out there, and we had been there last year fishing in the main part of the big lake. Johns friend at work told him that he's had success in the smaller part of the big lake, so we went there yesterday. John almost immediately hooked a decent bass on a minnow, and then another one on a leech. He and Chris were fishing with rattle traps too, and they both hooked small bass on those. I put a leech out but didn't catch anything, and John and Chris weren't catching anything else, either. John moved about 10 feet away from where we set up, and threw a minnow out. He got a nice hit, set the hook and pulled in a northern pike! It was the first northern he's caught since he was in Canada many, many years ago. Chris moved over there, and he caught one too; that was his first northern ever. So of course I took the last minnow and moved over there too, and after just a few minutes, WHAM! He attacked that minnow! I was fishing about a foot and a half or 2 feet down, but he splashed like crazy when he grabbed it and jumped partly out of the water. I was so excited! I didn't land him though; there was a line of weeds about a foot or so from shore, and I lost him in there. I should have set the hook harder, or twice. Anyway, it was still a lot of fun and we are fishing there again tomorrow.

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