Saturday, May 02, 2009

String Star Quilt

I have been thinking about a new quilt for our new bed ever since we got it before Christmas, but I just couldn't make up my mind about what I wanted. I finally decided on this String Star pattern. I have the pattern in a few different magazines and books, but this particular size diamond is from an old 1977 issue of Ladies Circle Patchwork Quilts. I am using paper diamonds to stabilize the bias edges and everything goes together very nicely. I am machine sewing the strings onto the paper, and then machine sewing the diamonds together, however I am sewing the muslin corner squares and muslin triangles in by hand. I may sew the blocks together edge to edge, or I might use sashing and a border. I was thinking of making the sashes out of scrap strips too, I don't know yet. The blocks will finish up at about 14 inches. This has been a popular pattern through the years to use up all those strips and strings left over from other projects. I am going to try and make this entire quilt without purchasing anything except a bit of off white muslin because i don't think I have quite enough. Every once in awhile muslin shows up at the resale shop so I'll start by looking there. Maybe I'll get lucky.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Love this pattern! I have been looking for an eight point string star pattern like this to do a thirties quilt on off-white background. Where have you have seen this pattern (books) that I might be able to find? Thanks and great work!