Wednesday, September 08, 2010

I Know It's Wednesday.....

but it's hard to get any projects done in the midst of reorganizing. I did do one, but first things first. I ordered a grab bag of Amy Butler prints from Imagine Fabric on Etsy. I like the ones I got, although I'm not sure exactly what I'm going to do with them yet. I ordered a couple of other things too, and I'm going to wait til every thing is here before I make any plans.

So here's the tutorial. I started yesterday and finished today.This week it was from Film in the Fridge where there is this great tutorial for patchwork napkins.
I really liked making these, and mine are green in two ways. There is the obvious; not using paper napkins, but not only does mine use scraps from the scrap bag it's also made from a pale blue thrifted sheet for the 2 front panels and then the back is from a white thrifted sheet. I think these would make great Christmas gifts and I can think of a couple of people that would will probably be getting some!

We are going to have to put off the New York trip due to some unexpected expenses that came up. It ok, Melissa said we can come for the Sheep and Wool Festival which will be a lot of fun anyway. She's been wanting me to go for years anyway, so this really works out better.

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