Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tutorial Tuesday

This week is a lovely table runner from Diary of a Quilter http://www.diaryofaquilter.com/2010/08/table-runner-tutorial.html

Ok to be honest, I did not make this today. With all I have going on I could not have made this in one day, so I started it on Sunday and finished it up this morning. I had actually been looking at it for a couple of weeks, knowing I was going to make it at some point, especially since I was so tired of the little quilted 9 patch table cloth that has been on the table for years. (That's it hanging on the back of the chair in the picture) I had thought at first about making it in fall colors, but I have so many civil war and traditional looking calico prints in my scrap bag that I went with those instead. Siobhan and I went to a nearby forest to pick the flowers on Sunday afternoon. It was the coldest, windiest day we've had so far, so we kind of just grabbed the flowers and left. I love the purple asters and goldenrod, they are so pretty together. Our neighbor across the street has a lot of purple asters in her back yard and they are just gorgeous.
I have also been working on a Fair Isle bag that I am using recycled yarn. It was fingering weight so I plied 2 strands together and then dyed some red, some black and some orange and left one ball in it's original tan/cream tweed. I have the body of the bag done and just have to make the strap which I'll at least get a start on later today. Before that though, I want to make another set of the Halloween coasters and a stocking for the Etsy store. I finished the cabled scarf I was working on and got that listed along with a couple of other things. I'll try and get pics up later today or tomorrow.

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