Monday, December 04, 2006

Chatty Cathy

Well, here's my Chatty Cathy dressed in one of the dresses I made for the American Girls. I sent this dress to the craft show on Saturday, I didn't go because I had to work. I haven't talked to Mai or Holly so I don't know if I made any money or not. Siobhan and I talked about mostly focusing on one or two thing for craft shows, and then maybe just doing the shows ourselves. I think that's a good idea, although I've heard that websites are better than craft shows. Since I don't just focus on American Girls and Bitty Baby I think maybe I might do ok at Kane Co., it's just that the spaces out there are so much. Anyway, I'm going to see if I can get John to make me a website, I'd like to get it up and going in time for people to order Valentines Day dresses for their dolls. Then I could also have St. Pats, Easter and then summer outfits.I really like sewing for the vintage dolls, they are so much nicer than the American Girls.
I am going to finish up a Christmas outfit I am making for Chatty and get it listed on E-bay, and then if I have time do a bit more embroidery on the christening dress.

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