Monday, December 11, 2006

Getting ready for Christmas

I haven't felt much in the Christmas spirit, with Siobhan gone, but it's starting to creep in. I have all the dolls dressed for Christmas except my little porcelain red-headed Rose that Chris gave me years ago. She doesn't have a Christmas dress, so I am going to start one for her this afternoon before I leave for work. After I have them all dressed and arranged I'll take pictures of them.
I have worked on the embroidery for the christening set a bit, too. I realized that the motif had to go in every other scallop; if I put one in every scallop they would be almost touching. I'll just put a little bullion rose in the other scallops. This is actually a very nice thing, as it cuts the dress embroidery by almost half.
Me, Carla, Rich and Mom took Chris out for his birthday lunch this Saturday past. It was a lot of fun, we went to Olive Garden and I got Chris to try calamari, although he didn't like it. Then Mom, Carla and I went shopping. I asked Chris to go, but Rich warned him that shopping with us was like torture and why would he want to subject himself to that?
I think I'm off tomorrow ( I don't know for sure, I forgot to check the schedule), and if I am I'm going to make shortbread, and maybe cranberry bars. One way to for sure get into the Christmas spirit is to make cookies.

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Melissa said...

Save some shortbread for me! Yours just melts in the mouth, I can never get mine to do that. I can't wait to come home for Christmas!!!