Thursday, December 14, 2006

More dolls clothes

After taking a good look around, I realized that one of my china heads, Rachel, needs a new dress too. Actually, she only has one dress that I made for her, and then one that's a little too small for my other china head, although it's still big for Rachel because it wasn't made for her. So, armed with Rachels measurements and the Colemans book " The Collectors Book of Doll Clothes", I am going to make her a dress almost from scratch. There are several patterns in the back that have been taken from the original sources, and are reduced to fit the book. I am using a pattern originally published in La Poupee Modele in 1864. There is also a picture on the front cover of a china head and her wardrobe, she's about the right era. I really like the blue silk ball gown on the cover, and I will loosely base the bodice on that dress. Rachel's will be cotton, and trimmed with dark green ribbon. I am posting pics of the book, the pattern, and Rachel overseeing my choice!
I may be selling some of the American Girl doll clothes to a woman who was at work the other day; she is a friend of Mai's and her granddaughter is getting an American Girl for Christmas. She's going to call and maybe come over tomorrow to see what I have. It would be ok to sell some of the clothes, I have so many of them!

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