Thursday, May 31, 2007

My two favorite things to do

We did so much fishing over the Memorial Day weekend! We didn't have a lot of success, mostly just a few small bass and panfish. John caught the biggest bullhead he, Chris, or I had ever seen. It was huge and really fat. I wanted to get a picture, but he let it go too quick. He also caught a really big turtle. Fortunately it was just barely hooked, so I held it while John got the hook out. The turtle was pretty pissed off and kept making these really awful hissing noises.I think if he could have reached back far enough he would have bit me. There is a nice picture of Chris with some random stranger in the background at Lake Tampier.

I also had the pop up virus from hell, it was awful and I couldn't use my computer for a bit til John was able to reformat it. That's why I didn't blog about the fishing til now.

I had my first natural dyeing experience with cotton today; in the past I've always used wool. Today I used crab apple leaves from the trees right outside our gate. I knew I would end up with either green or yellow; I actually suspected it would be yellow although I was hoping for green. I had just over half a yard of natural muslin and I used alum for a mordant. It is a pretty bright yellow, but I want to find something that will make a nice green. I could see how much yellow was in the crab apple leaves, but I went ahead and used them anyway. I might dig up some wild strawberries and use the roots and see if I get anything that even comes close to red.

We talked about mom going to Nfld. She doesn't want to travel alone, and I would love to go with her. It's just that I'd be able to afford it a bit more in Sept. John said maybe we could figure out something so I could go in July. I'd actually rather go in Aug or early Sept. it's just a nicer time of the year. Plus maybe I could talk Carla into going then.

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