Thursday, July 05, 2007

Blackwork chemise and other stuff

I finished a leaf on my sleeve ruffle; it's difficult to work on any type of really close work with the lighting being what it is down in the basement. I'm not complaining, I love the amount of space I have, but the lighting is just not good. As soon as I can afford it I want to get some fluorescent lights down here; that's what was in the sewing area at Brandywine and it was much better than this. I did most of this leaf sitting outside before we went to see Heart on Tuesday, and then I finished it up this morning. I have been looking at some of the stuff I made before, and there is a nice doublet I made from a blue-grey cord. I lined it in gold cotton and bound all the edges with black cotton. The sleeves are open from the shoulder but can be pulled and fastened over undersleeves along the length. It's Elizabethan rather than early Tudor, but it definitely would pass as authentic, and although I don't think I need to be really concerned with authenticity for a demo at work, I'd at least like to show more than just a nodding acquaintance with it. I made a skirt to go with it but it looks more like a 19th cent. riding skirt and so I won't wear it. Anyway, the doublet is too big for me now and I'm trying to see if I could adjust it somehow because I really do like it.

Julie and Jason went to Heart, too, and we met up with them. Julie wants a white gauze skirt for when they get married again in Vegas and I'm going to make it for her.
Gaelic Storm is playing at the Irish festival downtown on the 15th, and I really want to go; I've missed them the last 2 times they were here. If you pre-buy tickets they are only $8 but John and Chris have been planning on going to Indiana to play in a hold 'em tournament for awhile. Richard and a couple of other people are going too. I don't see why they can't reschedule going to the tournament since they happen everyday of the week, and Gaelic Storm happens maybe once a year.

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