Sunday, July 01, 2007

My computer is back! Yay! and some costuming thoughts

I finally have my computer up and running with internet and the printer hooked up! Yay! I really miss it when I can't use it; John's computer's ok, but I miss my stuff. Especially when I want to make something and I know I have something like it already on my hard drive. Unfortunately I still haven't found the camera cord, but Richard came back from San Antonio last night and said I could borrow back the old camera til I either find or buy a new one. If it was a standard USB cord it would be fine, but it isn't; it's a Fuji camera and one end has a much smaller plug than the other. Maybe later today we can swing by his house and pick it up; I'd like to see his pics anyway. He went to the Alamo and I think it would be a neat place to visit.
We have been talking about doing some kind of re-enactment at work showing different types of textile arts through the ages. I could bring the loom and spinning wheel, and the drop spindle; we could have some one doing embroidery and knitting, and it would be nice to do some sort of dyeing, although I don't think we could because we'd need some sort of heat source. I can't see the landlord allowing us to have a bonfire in the parking lot! I also found my cards for tablet weaving which would be excellent as a project. We could show people how to make the cards, and use that DMC crochet thread that never sells to do the actual weaving with. Anyway, if we do it in late Sept we could all come in costume and it would get people thinking of Halloween. We could all come in what ever era we feel comfortable in, although because of some SCA/Ren Faire costuming I just happen to have on hand a pretty complete mid-Tudor period wardrobe suitable for lower to lower middle class. A lot of the stuff could be altered to fit other people, especially some of the kids if they wanted to be part of it. I know from experience that costuming can get pretty expensive. I'm pretty excited about this, I haven't done any costuming in a long time and I'm making myself some thing new. I bought almost 9 yards of a red 100% cotton twill yesterday to make a gown, I have an underskirt to wear with it already, it's on a drawstring so it will still fit. I don't know if my blue hemp boned corset still fits or not, I'll try it on later today. I thought I had a chemise with straight long sleeves, but I don't, it has full sleeves, so I'll either take the sleeves out and put in new ones or make a whole new chemise. I actually have several chemises and shirts, but only one with a low square neck which is what I need for this gown. I am going to do blackwork on the sleeve ruffles and attach the ruffles to the chemise instead of to the gown. I also am going to remake my farthingale into more cone shape instead of the drum shaped one. Once I get the camera back from Rich I'll post pics as I get parts made.

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