Tuesday, July 24, 2007

This is an excellent thing to read

I read this article today over on the Energy Bulletin: http://energybulletin.net/32452.html
I liked it so much that I printed up a copy to throw in my bag and hand to someone if it seems that they might be open to reading it. There has been quite an ongoing discussion between John and I, and sometimes Chris or Siobhan, on what to do in the situation that we now find ourselves; which is watching the dismantling of the constitution by the current administion. My own particular action has been to write my senators and let them know that impeachment cannot be "off the table" as Nancy Pelosi has said it is. I also admire Cindy Sheehan's act of running against Nancy Pelosi. I do feel that the Democrats have not done what they were told to do by the American people. What I don't understand is how it's possible that the majority of the American people are not expressing thier outrage at the disregard this administration has for the constitution and the checks and balances that are supposed to be provided by the other two branches of government. People just don't seem to get it. It seems that as long as they are safe and can keep their own little corner with thier own little pile of stuff, they don't care that the very set of ideals and freedoms that originally allowed the people in this country to build it to what it is (or rather was just a few short years ago), is under attack by the very people whom we have the right to expect to protect those ideals! There is something very wrong here, and I'm afraid if we don't do something soon it may be too late. At what point do people get upset enough to do something? Is it when you can't travel more than 50 miles from your home without proper identification? Is it when there are curfews imposed? I know this sounds crazy, but there has to be some point where people are willing to fight back to regain the freedoms we have lost to King George and Co. If there isn't, will history look back and say that democracy was just one more failed experiment? I can't believe that, I won't believe it.

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