Friday, April 11, 2008

Amish Bars Quilt

I made this Amish Bars wall hanging or baby quilt the other day; it was inspired by an antique Amish quilt.There looks like there is a spot on the maroon stripe but there isn't; it's some sort of crazy reflection. I'm going to machine quilt it; I picked out a few quilting designs and I'm going to make cardboard quilting stencils this afternoon. I'd like to get better at hand quilting, but don't think I'm going to on this project. I do like it a lot though; I'll post pics after I've finished it.

I guess they've discovered 4 billion barrels of oil in North Dakota and Montana ( I think); it's part of the Bakken field which I heard of before. I'm still not clear on the details; I haven't seen much about it. 4 billion barrels only takes us through about 200 days at our current consumption rate anyway; however it seems to extend up into Canada and I haven't heard about any figures there. If it's easily recovorable and there's a lot of it across the border it could buy some time while we are figuring out new ways of doing things. However, I'm thinking it's kind of a non-story at this time because while 4 billion barrels sounds like a lot, it really isn't. We currently consume 20 million barrels of oil a day in the US, even with the higher prices of gas, so until I hear something else I'm not going to get excited about it.

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Melissa said...

That quilt is really cute. Whatever happened to the Chinese Coins one you made years ago? If you ever feel like making another one, I'm more than happy to take it!

Yeah, I also read about this new oil field. It's a continuous deposit, though, which is more difficult to recover. I think it was the NYT that said it might take tens of thousands of wells to get it out of the ground and an expensive technique. I'm not holding my breath.