Sunday, April 13, 2008

Night Out

Chris's band played at Gameworks last night, they opened for another band and it was lots of fun. They were off on a couple of things, but by and large they were pretty good. Plus it was just fun to get out, Sio came, and Garry and Jamie, and Richard and some of his friends and just a lot of people Chris knows. I took some pictues and some video, the video wasn't very good, but the pictures are. The 2nd band was good, too; they were called Misbehavin', they were pretty much a 70's rock cover band. The singer was a girl, and boy could she nail Janis Joplin; she really sounded a lot like her. We stayed til they ended and by the time we got home it was at least 2; that's a really late night for me! Anyway, Sio and I both think we should go out more often; her Chris doesn't like to go so she wants us to go with her.

I made this apron yesterday. I like it so much I might make another one for me. I got a set of curtains at Salvation Army for $4, this is made from one of the panels. It was long enough that I cut the top of the panel off in 3 1/2" strips and used them for the waistband and ties. It only took about and hour, and I still have the other panel and the valance left.


Melissa said...

Those are nice pictures! The best part is that you titled them: "amish baby quilt"

ps--you should delete the first comment on this post, it's totally spam and I wouldn't click that link if I were you, it can't be good.

Paula said...

I didn't purposly title them Amish Baby Quilt, I just forgot to change the title from last time when I was downloading pictures of the baby quilt. Isn't the apron nice?

How do I delete a comment? I didn't know I could.

Paula said...

It was antivirus software funny enough probably having a virus atatched! But it's gone now :D

Zololkis said...
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