Sunday, April 20, 2008

Must Be Spring!

Well, we went fishing twice in about 14 hours; Saturday evening at the pond in Lombard by Chris', and then this morning at Cricket Creek. I caught 6 fish last night; all of them bass, all of them small but big enough to qualify as first bass of the year! John caught one, and Chris caught a couple of sunfish so no one got skunked. This morning Chris caught a crappie but John and I caught nothing. We stopped at Westmore Woods on the way to take him home and didn't catch anything there either but the season has just begun and I'm off to a really good start.
Siobhan is in New York for an undetermined length of time with Melissa; she applied for a part time job. Even if she decides to come home in a few weeks she will have at least made some money while she was there. I miss her, so I'll just have to bug John more instead.
And now, because it's spring and bluegrass is in the air, here's one of my favorite bands, Yonder Mountain String Band doing Sideshow Blues. The video isn't the best, but the sound is!

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