Friday, June 06, 2008

Catch Up

I know I haven't blogged in a bit, but I have been very busy. My last day at work was the 31st, and I have been sewing sewing sewing to try and have a nice back log of stuff to list and take me over vacations when I will not be sewing. The first of those will be June 19th to the 22nd, when we will be camping and fishing in Shelbyville. Chris , John and I will go, and probably Sio who will be back from New York this Sunday. She will be staying here for awhile anyway, maybe for a long while, so that's a nice thing. I have missed her a lot, although to be able to kick around NYC for awhile without any real responsibilities is a very cool thing to be able to do at her age.

I am really into the hand quilting and I have dug out two quilt tops I made a long time ago and am finally going to quilt. The scrap one I made trying to get the feel of an antique utility quilt; it's from a Marsha McCloskey book I have. The blue and white nine patch is really nice, I didn't have much of the print which is why I made the borders so wide. So I need some really nice, fancy quilting to fill them up. I think I'm putting some type of wreath in the alternate white blocks. I might quilt it with just a piece of flannel for the batting, it won't be at all puffy, but it will work well as a summer quilt. I also need something for the outer borders of Sio's crazy quilt, they are 10 inches wide. I am ordering a book of Amish quilting patterns from Amazon, but until they get here I think I might start quilting the utility looking quilt. I also started a new top called Arknsas Crossroads. Mom has a quilt made by my paternal grandmother and her mother; it has some issues with some of the fabrics and the binding wearing out. I am going to start hunting for fabrics so I can replicate it in the future.

Sunny Bunny has been staying with me until Sio gets home. Here she is sitting on the living room carpet. She is a very politically aware bunny, she watches MSNBC every day from about 5 til 9, while she is petted and praised and fed. Her favorite game is making me chase her around the table to try and catch her and put her to bed.

The fishing started out very well but has kind of slowed down. The bass spawned a bit later I think because we had such a cool spring. Hopefully it will start picking up again now. We have a new lake to try, hopefully this weekend. Every one Chris and John has talked to has said there are really big bass in there.

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Siobhan said...

You forgot to say that she's a very politically aware bunny because she has to know when to mak her move--becoming tyranical dictator of the world doesn't just happen overnight you know! She has to make sure everything is in place so everyone will daaaaaaaaaaaaaaai