Sunday, June 29, 2008

Fishing Trip

We had an excellent fishing trip to Shelbyville this past weekend. Chris, John and I left about 8:30 on Thursday morning and got there about 1:00. We set up camp and then fished from shore down from the camp site where Chris and I both caught little white bass. The lake levels were 14 feet above normal; I got some pictures of the parking lot at the marina where we rented a boat for 2 of the days. They had to shuttle us out in a boat from the parking lot to the actual marina because all of the walkways and part of the parking lot was submerged. The fishing was not good on the lake because of it, although Chris caught a nice large mouth. The beach camp sites were all underwater, and all the beaches were closed. John and I did not do well fishing on the lake. However, in the spillway by the dam was a whole other story. We went over there Friday night but we didn't catch much, although I caught a really big carp on a night crawler and I think Chris may have caught a little white bass. Saturday night we went back and I caught about a 14 inch white bass which is pretty good as those don't get that big. I also caught a small one and a couple of bluegill, and John and Chris caught some small ones too. So we went back again this morning before we left and it was phenominal! We caught over 100 fish in about 6 hours. A lot of them were small white bass, but we all caught some decent sized ones too, plus Chris caught a nice walleye, and John and I both caught a striped bass. It was so much fun we were already planning the next trip down there in the car on the way home. I got a lot of nice pics and will post more in the next few days.

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