Sunday, August 10, 2008

Cute Hat

I got my Ravelry invite the other day and decided to make this simple hat from Yarncat: It really is cute and looks pretty detailed when it really is very easy. I thought white buttons with black dots would have been the perfect touch, but I couldn't find any so Sio suggested I use 1 black on the red part, and 2 red on the black band and I have to say it looks quite nice. It's made with Red Heart acrylic; there is so much acrylic yarn that Sio brought home that I feel like I have to use some of it up. The first pic is the detail while I was working on it.

I have decided to have no more than 5 yarn projects going at once (not including anything big like an afghan), and here is a picture of my yarn basket with 2 projects almost done, 3 not started, and a pic of the e-mailed pattern I just bought on Etsy yesterday. It's called the Anne scarf and it is really cute. There is some navy wool I was maybe going to make it out of in the basket but I changed my mind and started a pair of fingerless gloves with the yarn after this pic was taken. There is also a scrap scarf in there that I may add a couple of rows to, it isn't as wide as I thought it would be.

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