Friday, August 29, 2008

First Reactions

Ok, admittedly, I know very little about Sarah Palin (although I'm learning more by the minute; I'm listening to liberal talk radio and MSNBC while I write this); but firstI thought WTF? What kind of pick is that? Does McCain think he can compete with the show of real American spirit that happened last night? And the other thing I'm feeling is pissed off! Does this woman think she can ever touch the greatness that is Hillary Clinton? How dare she try to compare herself to Hillary? She stands against EVERYTHING that Hillary stands for! She's right of McCain on some issues! And I've never even been a Hillary supporter! I feel insulted that this woman thinks that I as a woman, am so ignorant that I can be swayed because she is. Does she think that Hillary's supporters are stupid? Does she realize that the ONLY reasons she has been picked is because she's a woman, and to possibly solidify the right wing nut job Christian conservatives? And a man who refers to his own wife as a trollop and the c word, and suggests that she take part in a nude beauty pagaent, does Palin really think she has or ever really will have his respect? She has insulted her gender by accepting his offer!
I can't wait til she faces Biden in a debate; he'll tear her up.

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Melissa said...

Um, you rule. Seriously.