Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Finished Shrug

I finally got the shrug finished, although it took a lot longer than I thought it would because of the problems I've been having with my wrist. I finished it this morning although I had to stop now and again and use the microwave hotpack I made a few years ago. It turned out really nice, but I can't take a picture because the camera is missing. It only works some of the time, but I really wanted to get some pics and post them. I also wanted to get a pic of all the yarn Sio brought over from Chris' house. She has so much! She told me I could go through it and take what I want, so I have been. I have a whole laundry basket full of small balls that I am going to turn into scrap scarves and possibly a granny square afghan or maybe I'll finally get a yo yo afghan done. As soon as I get the camera I'll take some pica and post them.

On another subject, I subscribe to the Thom Hartmann podcast, and he had some interesting things to say about the McCain ad where Obama is refered to as "The One". I watched some of the spin about the ad last night on Hardball, and Countdown but I didn't actually see the ad til today. They were talking about the racial overtones to the ad, and I see that as being a big topic, but what I didn't hear was what Thom Hartmann pointed out on his show yesterday that I didn't hear til today. He says that while it may be appealing to people who are racist, it's full of code words that appeal to the "terrified white Christians". They may be a small minority but they have come out in droves to vote, and in this particular ad the McCain campaign is playing to those fears by portraying Obama as the anti-Christ. Hartmann points out how Hal Lindseys Left Behind series has sold 80 million copies in the US alone, and how these people believe that the anti-Christ will call himself "the One". He also points out how there are e-mails making the rounds that are saying the the Bible predicted that the anti-Christ would appear before 200,000 people (Obama's German appearance) and that the anti-Christ would be Muslim. Of course, the Bible say neither of those things. Hartmann points out how the Islamic religion didn't even exist untill 700 years after the Bible was written. The ad uses Biblical terms to re-inforce it's point and has Barak and Moses compared with each other. It takes a bit where Obama is making fun of the whole "celebrity" thing that is following him, and uses it totally out of context. Now obviously, I don't think there are any tactics the Republican party will not hesitate to use in their bid to keep power, so the ad is not surprising. Thom had some excerpts from right wing radio where they are falling right in line and really playing up the religious aspect. And as Thom asks, how can Obama respond to an attack that portrays him as the anti-Christ? He just can't come out and say "Hey, the anti-Christ? No, that's not me!" The really scary thing is that fundamentalists may be a minority, but they are a vocal one and they have gotten candidates elected before. Between them and the racists are there enough votes to carry McCain?

Heres the ad:

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